Some of my best work…

This blog has, in some shape or form, been around for a while. 3 and a half years in fact. And more than 1,400 posts. Which is much longer than most of my current readers would realise. I think. So it strikes me that you may have missed some of my sterling stainless steel early work. Which seems a shame.

So I’m going to start digging some out of the archives – or at least linking to them – just so they don’t go to waste.

The one where I solve the Croc V Shark debate by talking to an expert

The ones where try to get the Wiggles blacklisted and take on some Nigerian Scammers

The one with the awesome recipes from my share house days

The one were I get spammed by a bunch of students from Washington State University

The one where we play six degrees of Wikipedia

The one where I pick on a dangerous ninja

The one where I tell the Tractor Joke – and the one where somebody else improves it.

The one where I rant about emoticons.

The one where I took on a crazy Japanese tourist and turned it into a film noir novella.

The one where some people want to build a giant crucifix shaped conference centre.

The one about environmentally friendly dating services.

The one where Craig and I liveblog a Garage Sailing Adventure.

That’ll do. For now.


queenstuss says:

I’m impressed that you are trying to get the Wiggles blacklisted and you don’t even have children. Wait till you do, then you’ll be trying to get them banned. Along with Bob the Builder. He’s not gay, but I’m certain he’s sleeping with his secretary.