Status Synchronicity: Sultanas

I have this weird fixation with Facebook Status synchronicity occurring between non-mutual friends. I’ve decided I’m going to post them as they occur (sans names because I respect privacy). If a random Facebook friends stumbles here and identifies themself I will give them a prize of the value of a Freddo Frog.


Here are the first two, from within 15 minutes of each other today.

Friend 1: just received a cheque for $3 because my sultanas tasted minty.
Friend 2: Just found a grape seed in a sultana. Wow, this is the best day eva…

Was this you? Claim your prizeā€¦

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One thought on “Status Synchronicity: Sultanas”

  1. That fascinates me too. And they always seem to be within three or four updates of each other. Or maybe that’s because by the time I get to the bottom of the page I’ve forgotten what’s at the top.

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