The man of your dreams

Over at Ben’s blog during the inimitable Monday Quiz your host, Ben, asked a question about reoccuring dreams.

Kutz admitted to having a dream about a randomly appearing head that would pop up all over his parent’s home. Freaky.

What’s freakier is that people all over the world report seeing the same man in their dreams. This man. Have you seen this man? If you have you should check out that website.


@Mr_Snuffle says:

Skeptic's Guide to the Universe did a good piece on this. I love the way they apply good ol' logic and reason to expose how retarded this kind of thing is.

Everyone should likes to the SGU. It's the only podcast awesome enough for me to regularly listen to.

Nathan says:

I think, without having read/listened to the rebuttal that it’s likely this guy would be the description you’d give to just about every faceless bad guy ever. I don’t think anything about this is odd except that a group exists that thinks it is.

Andrew says:

Great guest book comment:

"He's a human version of Bert from Sesame Street. That's why he looks so familiar."

And if he's supposedly the creator.. why is he balding?