The perils of popularity

You may have noticed that my blog goes down occasionally. Hightek Hosting, my shared webhost, is a pretty awesome hosting company – and it turns out I’ve been causing headaches for all the other people on my server.

Here’s an email I received from the host today – my server’s name is Zeus.

Thanks to some smart and watchful technicians overnight, it appears that we’ve finally tracked down the cause of the constant Zeus Up/Down issues…and unfortunately, yes, it is your site causing them.

Basically, in short, your site fired up a bucketload of apache services and obviously fired them all at MySQL, causing an astronomincal load increase to the point of which we basically have to reboot the server to get it back online.

Now, I don’t know what a lot of that jargon means – but in short, I’m too popular for my own good.


Mate your blog is popular. Overheard a conversation about your blog during an MTC lecture yesterday.

Don’t know if that necessarily means that you’re popular.

Nathan says:

Did you say “I know that guy in real life”…

Mark says:

If you’re taking down their server, you’re not going to be popular for long.

Sounds like either you’ve been “slashdotted” or equivalent (been linked on a mainstream site and are suddenly getting thousands-millions of hits per second)
wordpress is broken somewhere and is overloading the shared database when someone tries to load the broken page/extension/utility.

If they gave you more details and you want a translation feel free to send me an email.

Nathan says:

No, I’m not very popular with them already. But I think they’re glad I’m taking the problem seriously.

From what I’ve worked out – my problem was a lack of caching and a bunch of plugins that created some serious php issues whenever I posted something, or people visited.

I’m cutting down on the site’s need to fire off php stuff every visit by installing a caching plug-in that renders the page as nice, simple, html.

Hopefully that’ll solve the problem.

Nathan says:

My traffic consistently sits at about 160 visitors a day. I’ve also decided to not allow search engine bots to crawl my site for the time being.