World’s easiest scrambled eggs

I made the fabled “Espresso Machine Eggs” last night. Well, they’re not fabled. I’d been reading about people’s scrambled egg making exploits for some time. I thought I’d give it a burl.

Here are the steps involved.

  1. Buy an expensive coffee machine (one with good steam pressure)
  2. Put eggs (four) and milk (a dash) into your milk jug – I used my big one because I wasn’t sure how much egg spray there’d be. Give it a whisk.
  3. Steam the eggs like you’d steam milk.
  4. Serve with steak for the perfect lazy Sunday night dinner.

They were very fluffy. I’ll do it again.

Here are the photos…


Your mum says:

So where are the vegetables in this recipe? Can you steam some broccoli?