YouTube Tuesday: On the high horse

I was really struggling to find a video for my YouTube Tuesday post. Until I typed “Micallef” into the search box in a moment of inspiration.

I really want to get the DVDs from this Channel 9 series (I have the DVDs from his ABC and Full Frontal stuff if anyone wants to borrow them)… I remember this joke he did with the Dandy Warhols that would totally lose something being retold here – so I won’t. Instead, I give you, Micallef on his high horse…

1 thought on “YouTube Tuesday: On the high horse”

  1. LOL.. I love Micallef. We have his “The Micallef P(r)ogram(me)” DVD.. .I’ll have to watch it again now that Uni has started and I am looking for novel ways to procrastinate…

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