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YouTube Friday: Mumford and Sons sing Not in Nottingham

If you’re like me and you:

a) grew up watching Disney’s animated and animalated version of Robin Hood.


b) think Mumford and Sons are pretty awesome…

Then you’ll doubtless enjoy this video.

The musical goodness starts 23 seconds in.

YouTube Tuesday: West Wing in Three Minutes

If you missed the fuss, or are wondering why you should bother with the West Wing – this won’t make the decision clearer for you.

But it is funny.

YouTube Tuesday: The End Time Anthem

It’s been a while since I managed to post a YouTube Tuesday video this early on a Tuesday. But please, take a moment to enjoy this end time prophecy/hymn/anti-Obama rant. It’s helpfully subtitled. In case you’re watching it in a library.

Via Mike on Facebook.

YouTube Tuesday: Lego Arsenal

Jack Streat builds guns. Awesome guns. Made out of Lego. They fire lego bullets. This is what happens when boys don’t stop playing with their toys. There are videos of his guns in working order on YouTube.

YouTube Twosday: Beatboxed Mario

I know it’s Wednesday. And months since I posted a YouTube Tuesday video on Tuesday. But check dis out.

Still not as cool as the beatboxing flautist.

YouTube Tuesday: Fellowship of the bvvvrrrrrrr

This is the latest YouTube Tuesday ever… “bvvvrrrr” is the noise I reckon the Vuvuzela makes. It has no vowels. This video is funny.

Via Tim’s blog.

YouTube Tuesday: A Hinnderance

Apologies if you have seen this already (3 million people have). But this made me laugh. In a sad way. I know that ultimately Hinn and his ilk are harmful, but treatment like this can only lessen their influence… right?

Anyway, somebody set Benny Hinn’s “spiritual slayings” to this song that I only know of as a theme song from a wrestling show. His stuff is about as real as wrestling (ie only as real as the people in the audience think it is).

He even Hulks up in this video… watch it brother…

I don’t think the verse he’s looking for is in the Bible. And I’m almost certain this bit isn’t:

But his wife takes the cake…

YouTube Friday: Synch on this

Muse are consummate performers, so forcing them to lipsynch on national television isn’t a great move. An Italian television network made that demand, so the trio switched instruments, roles and places.

This wasn’t the first time they’d made fun of lip synching demands…

I’m hoping to get tickets to their Brisbane show when they go on sale on Monday.

YouTube Tuesday: The Elisha Song

Thanks to Peter Y for this one

YouTube Tuesday: Colbert v O’Reilly

Not really all that funny unless you happen to be a Colbert fan who knows a bit about American television. I know I’m a day late. But essay due dates wait for no man…

YouTube Tuesday: The Rock’n’Roll bonanza

Jacob Aranza was right.

Rock and Roll is for Klingons (who Jesus hates).

Even the Catholics are onto you back masking rock stars – I’ve always wondered why “another one bites the dust” made me want to start smoking marijuana:

Crystal ball gazing is going to get you into trouble…

But, Aranza was wrong. There is no such thing as “Christian rock”… this comes in eight parts (I’ve started this at the relevant bit, the background is that this guy is a prophet of true Christianity).

I think this guy also thinks coffee and failing businesses are Satan’s work.

The solution is to be less enthusiastic in our singing.

YouTube Tuesday: You’re doing it wrong

This guy made a montage of scenes from commercials where people are doing the wrong thing because they don’t own the awesome thing being sold yet. I’ll take one, of whatever it is that’s selling.

YouTube Tuesday (almost): Balloon alien robot

Optimus Prime in balloon sculpture greatness. Need I say more…

YouTube Tuesday: Left Behind in a cafe

Christian television is pretty lame. Especially Christian prank shows. Especially Christian prank shows that prank people on the basis of their beliefs about the rapture. And yet. This actually made me laugh.

YouTube Tuesday: Get in the sand this Easter

One of my college buddies (and his brother) put together this pretty exceptional Easter video – they’re planning to do all of Luke.