YouTube Tuesday: Talkin’ ’bout talkin’ ’bout your generation

I think Micallef is hilarious. He’s my favourite comedian – but I also like Charlie Pickering, Arj Barker and Josh Thomas – so tonight was a recipe for comedic gold. I’m glad Micallef is back in prime time – and I hope Channel Ten persevere longer than Nine did with his ill-fated Tonight with Shaun Micallef. Which featured comedic gold like this:

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One thought on “YouTube Tuesday: Talkin’ ’bout talkin’ ’bout your generation”

  1. That’s excellent. It reminds me of when Kermit the frog had an interview with some hollywood actor and asked a whole heap of leading questions such as “you have four kids, right?, and you enjoy playing the piano don’t you?” etc etc, and then said “So tell us a little bit about yourself”. Micallef’s is slightly different but just as funny. Thanks for the link.

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