A bit of a pickle

I’m on the record saying the Nickleback are the world’s worst band. I stand by my statement. It also turns out that singer Chad Kroeger has no sense of humour.

If you’re on Facebook you’ve probably been invited to join a little social experiment called “can this pickle get more fans than Nickleback.” I confess to almost signing up. I ignore all similar requests as a matter of principle (though I am a fan of Bacon).

The Nickleback frontman didn’t like it very much when the pickle eventually became more popular – and he joined the group to have a little rant (this is the first time I’ve ever linked to Perez Hilton – it’ll probably be the last.

What he should have done was invited the pickle to join the band on its next tour.


Lee Shelton says:

Just don't ever confuse Nickel Creek with Nickelback. Nickel Creek is far superior.
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Ben McLaughlin says:

Yeah, I agree, terrible band. And the guy just doesn't cut it for me as rock star material. He kinda looks like your mates annoying older brother in school.

He was such a sook about the pickle thing, it was ridiculous. Dude, you're competing with a gherkin- stop and think about that for a sec.