Attack of the killer Tuna

If you go out in the ocean today, you better be in disguise. But not as anything a massive tuna might take an interest in, or it might drag you into the depths of despair, or at the very least, the depths of the ocean. Giving you a bad case of “Oh man, I almost died because a giant tuna dragged me to a depth of 300 feet” syndrome. A deadly and dangerous syndrome indeed. Though, thus far, it has not killed 100% of its victims…

This happened a while back, but here’s the story (from the Philippines):

“Lt. Commander Armando Balilo, PCG Public Information Officer, said scuba diver Ramir Te, who was on a diving expedition, was 80 feet below the surface when he was pulled down by a giant tuna fish at the waters off Kiamba afternoon of Sunday.”