Bacon chips

Apparently a bunch of my fellow first years think of me as “the bacon guy”… I confess I may use bacon as a yardstick of orthodoxy. It’s what separates the (Christian) men from the (Jewish) boys in the early church. I have framed a couple of questions about theology with bacon as the pivotal point… and I did ask a question in New Testament about why Jews kept pigs for Jesus to drive demons into (I’ve pondered that here somewhere too). My reputation is probably deserved – but, my fellow first years, watch who you make these statements to. I have ears everywhere…

But I digress. I can’t help but be excited about this post. Bacon and chips are two food groups that I enjoy as part of my balanced diet. I can cut a food group completely – and thus be healthier – just by eating these bacon chips. That’s right. Bacon chips.

We start with the best quality potatoes and add a proprietary blend of some extra-bacony goodness. They will put a grin on your face and promise to test your limits of self-control.


Anika Q says:

I've tried them (though perhaps not this brand). They're absolutely disgusting. Full-stop. (And I love both bacon and chips…)