Bad Christian Music Week: Day 5

This one was on the Gruen Transfer, but I’ve been saving it for a rainy day.


Good times.

This rumour went round my school when I was a kid that the girl singing in this add committed suicide… a bit morbid I know but I wonder if anyone knows if it’s true or if it was a rumour that was wider than my high school?

Ahh, the Christian Television Association… People in Hobart can actually recite some of their ads word for word they used to get so much air time. When I moved to Melbourne and started talking about the, people just thought I was a crazy.

Gav says:

What was the point of that?!?!

Luke says:

That one’s a classic, it made us cringe back then and now it’s strangely fascinating in a car crash sort of way.

Sometimes it just seems to be either the Amish or this.