Best. Infographic. Ever.

The heading is only true if you’re a teenage boy and obsessed with passing gas and want to know more about your flatulence. I learned new things.

Facts About Your Farts
Source: Online Education

6 thoughts on “Best. Infographic. Ever.”

  1. The tone is lowered enough for me to ask this, assuming there is someone with enough scientific knowledge to answer:
    In freezing temperatures, when one exhales, the warm air condenses. Is the chemical makeup of flatulence such that it occurs then too? Basically I'm asking if it's visible in freezing conditions.

  2. The basic chemistry would say yes, but normally in freezing conditions it does not get to escape directly into the cool air being filtered by layers of clothing so it would not normally seen. Of course, the best way to confirm is to test it. Germany in winter would be a good time, Ja?

    1. Jack,

      I am so glad you stopped by to provide a response to Andrew's question. I had been pondering it myself until I read your response.

      Welcome to commenting.

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