Chewing the fat

KFC pulled its “racist” ad this week. And apologised. Dumb.

American cultural imperialism is perhaps the most annoying thing about our buddies in the coalition of the willing. Especially when they are ascribing flaws in their own character to the rest of the world. Nobody else thinks fried chicken is “black people’s food”. We all kind of missed that.

What I’d like to see KFC do is produce a follow up ad. A man standing in a crowd of angry fat Americans. A crowd he calms by the power of fried chicken.

That is all.


Phoebe says:

Lol that is so true! When America decries the so called 'racist' sentiments of other countries, it's more a reflection of their uneasiness with the culturally insensitive aspects of their own culture (like the African-American fried chicken stereotype) than anything to do with the country they're pointing the finger at. I would definitely pay to see that ad Nathan, although it'd kinda be the case of the pot calling the kettle black, given that Aussies are now the chubbiest people in the world.