DanKam: Make your Colourblindness disappear

I’m colour blind. If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know this already. If this is a shock – please, take a seat, sip some water and calm down. It’s ok. I know you’ve just figured out why my clothes never really match and the explanatory power of that opening sentence has caused a revolution in your perception of me. But ease up turbo. Because this next bit of news will truly shock you.

There’s an iPhone app, called DanKam (apparently also available for Android) that essentially cures colourblindness. It is amazing. Following the success of Word Lens I thought “anything iPhone app developers say is now believable” and I took this for a spin. I was able to see one of those dot tests, well, the number in one of those dot tests, for the first time… but I’m not sure what I’m meant to be seeing in the right hand circle here…

Here’s a post on the programmer’s blog to explain away some of the magic.

Hopefully this will also help me overcome difficulties in such areas as calling my shots in pool (as in snooker, or billiards…) and driving (as in operating a motor vehicle).


Dan Kaminsky says:

Heh, I’m the programmer.

Normally, you should see nothing in the circles.

Through the filter, you should most likely (but not necessarily) see numbers in the circles. If you don’t, the actual app let’s you tweak settings until ultimately you do.

DanKam is under very active development, while we manage (no joke) the fascinating case of Brown. Brown has it’s own rules.

Nathan Campbell says:

Damien – it certainly works on the circles.

Dan – thanks for stopping by – my issue was that it worked on the 45 circle, but on the other one I still don’t see a number. Not with the app, and not with your example of the post app circle. Does this make sense? It certainly changes the appearance of the second circle, but not to a recognisable number. I’ll tweak the settings and see how I go.

Damien Carson says:

Somewhere deep inside of me there is a sucker that wants to believe that this actually works. Let us know how you go.

Nathan Campbell says:

Actually, it must have been my late night eyes. This morning I see a six.