For the iPhone Bible readers

We’re all very excited anbout the new ESV iPhone app – which presents the well documented dilemma regarding being spotted staring at an electronic device in church services.

Izaac devised this solution:

Long time readers may have seen this before – but there is a commercial solution (you don’t need to hack up a Bible – give it to an enquiring friend instead)… this was designed for hiding a flask – but it looks like it would do well with an iPhone… it also comes with a bonus flask so that you can carry around your spirits with you as well.

If you’re more musically inclined there’s a hymn book iPhone cover that will do the trick too.


Aaran says:

You would run into trouble if your church goes for the rock concert feel by dimming the lights. You could try to convince people that it is the Holy Spirit illuminating the words and turn it around by questioning why they don’t have that experience.

AndrewFinden says:

Any self-respecting rock'n'roll church would frown on the bible and praise the iphone, surely?

Aaran says:

True, and you could probably downlad it off their wireless network incase you dont have 'the message' version on your iphone

AndrewFinden says:

I was reminded of this when visiting All Souls in London last week – since we used to go there, the ‘please turn off you mobile’ slide before the service has the addition of ‘but feel free to use your phone to take notes’ (as I saw one of the associate pastors doing, in fact!). Thought you’d appreciate that..