Get me to 50

Hey readers,

St. Eutychus has 48 Facebook Fans. I’m not that fussed about Facebook fans, but I don’t like numbers that are close to round, but not. So if two of you who aren’t fans yet could click this link, that would be great. Part of me balks at this sort of self-promotion, that part loses out to my round number OCD.

Plus it helps me know who’s out there, reading, especially if you’re a lurker. I’ll understand if you’re worried about Facebook privacy controls and third parties exploiting your details – but I promise not to abuse any contact information that comes my way.


al bain says:

The other obvious option would be that 8 people pull the plug;) 40 is as close to round as 50.

Jeremy says:

Perfect. It’s up to 49. Let’s keep it right there :-)

Bec says:

There you go. Pushed you over to 50.

Nathan Campbell says:

Woohoo. Now. I wonder if I can stop people joining to keep it there…

Al Bain says:

woops. 51.