Hacking Hawkings

I hereby launch a conspiracy theory into the wild.

Respected theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has a degenerative muscle disease that means he communicates with the aid of a machine.

In recent weeks Hawking has made two slightly controversial claims – claims that if not made by a respected theoretical physicist would be laughed off as science fiction. Firstly, he claimed that we shouldn’t seek aliens out because they’re unlikely to be friendly. Secondly, he suggested that time travel is possible under certain parameters.

I think that it is plausible that some science fiction geeks have hacked into Hawking’s computerised voice box forcing him to make such outlandish claims.


al bain says:

What’s the law with regard to dragging photo’s to your blog like you’ve done here?

Nathan Campbell says:

Good question…

I don’t know what the law is. It seems generally acceptable to do so if you include a link to the source (which I have – it’s from one of those articles)…

I probably should caption it or acknowledge the source.

Leigh says:

I’m having trouble understanding why either of these things would be laughed at?

Nathan Campbell says:

If you believe in time travelling aliens who are out to get us perhaps you should be worried about your academic tenure afterall…

I guess a case could be made for Jesus being a time travelling alien…

jon says:

Actually Stephen Hawking has been replaced by an alien. That’s how he knows aliens will not be friendly. He comes from a planet with very low gravity which is why he can’t move a muscle here.