How to mix stuff through your ice cream

Here you go readers. A free tip. I bought some cookie dough and some ice cream at the grocery store. Intending to combine them for some homemade cookie dough action. But how to do it? How does one take two fairly solid substances and mix them thoroughly to create the desired effect? You use a potato masher, that’s how.

It worked brilliantly. I didn’t have to melt the ice cream. Which is always a no-no – it doesn’t freeze well afterwards.


Lee Shelton says:

I know I'm lazy, but wouldn't it be easier to just buy cookie dough ice cream?
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KIM says:

Coldstone. I think you call the Australian version Cold Rock, but it's Coldstone you want. Especially the Mud Pie Mojo. With brownies added. In a waffle bowl. Size Gotta Have It.

queen stuss says:

Or, you can make your own ice cream from scratch and make it whatever flavour you want. Oh, yum. I've discovered that ice-cream is in fact awesomely delicious, and not that difficult to make.