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Light reading: Five books repurposed as lights

I love books. Physical books. I like reading on my kindle, and even more on my iPad. But the tactile experience of a book, and the visual thrill of a well-stocked set of shelves will keep me heading to second hand bookshops, the book depository, and whatever physical bookshop is still solvent after this year.

Turning books into lamps is now old hat. Well. I saw these ones a while ago. I meant to post them, but then I forgot. The light comes on when the book is opened.

There’s a how to, including a video, here.

I love these ones for the steampunk bulbs. I can’t imagine they’d be cheap to replace if you kicked a soccer ball, or a shoe, or some sort of miscellaneous projectile into it.

These are available on Etsy.

This one, from Suck UK is a lamp/bookmark combo.

And here’s another that has a little more spine… each lamp uses a single book.

But for something a little more classy, you could always have a crack at putting together a book chandelier (or just buy one for 440GBP).

How to mix stuff through your ice cream

Here you go readers. A free tip. I bought some cookie dough and some ice cream at the grocery store. Intending to combine them for some homemade cookie dough action. But how to do it? How does one take two fairly solid substances and mix them thoroughly to create the desired effect? You use a potato masher, that’s how.

It worked brilliantly. I didn’t have to melt the ice cream. Which is always a no-no – it doesn’t freeze well afterwards.

Play with gusto

Anyone who ever owned a NES gaming console knows that to make it work you had to give the cartridge a good gust of wind. So some bright spark decided to put a harmonica inside them and sell them on ebay. Ahh. Nostalgia.

Sausage stylus

Cold weather in Korea is prompting an odd development for cold fingered commuters. Rather than pulling off their gloves to use the iPhone citizens of Korea are splashing out for some novel styluses. The iPhone doesn’t work with the traditional “pen” stylus, they’re geared to work with sausages. Which is where we pick up the (oddly translated) story.