More Greek and Hebrew Resources



Some visual flash cards

From Visual Greek.

A handy guide to prepositions


  • And an equally confusing one for verbs…

  • Download Visual Greek here. It’s created using Mounce (which QTC doesn’t use) but it’s the same language. It’s 17mb.
  • is essentially a textbook with exercises that you can do online.

“Fun” stuff

More Resources

Here are a couple more flashcard programs recommended by the FlashWorks people:


Stuart Heath says:

The uncharitable part of me wants to say, “If there’s one thing more time-wasting than learning original languages, it’s coming up with tools to help people to learn them.”

But I’m trying to put that uncharitable part to death.

Nathan says:

Good. Because for those of us who who have exams tomorrow, and think the original languages are only important if we want to be translators, academics, or super apostles so have left things to the last minute, these might actually come in handy…
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