One armed, one legged, chicken-killing monkey

I’m not sure if there’s a moral to this story. But I found it a bit amusing. It’s the ultimate case of “monkey see, monkey do”… the monkey was rescued from a perilous health situation by its owner, who amputated two decayed limbs. The primate now hangs out in the house, trying to earn his keep by copying his master as he goes about his house chores. Unfortunately he has a real knack for killing chickens.

“And when Li slaughtered a chicken, the monkey copied him and has since killed about 80 chickens, reports the Chuncheng Evening Post.

“From then on, whenever it’s not occupied, it jumps into the chicken pen, and kills the chickens, no matter how big or small, and tries to pluck them,” said Li.

“His record is nine chickens in one day. The lesson I have learned is to never slaughter a chicken in front of a monkey.””