Search Engine Optimisation for churches

ChurchCrunch is a good resource for church marketing. It’s from a network of blogs that track down resources and applications for using technology better in ministry.

They’ve got a great post about Search Engine Optimisation that you should check out, if you have any involvement in making decisions about your church website.

Here are the “ten myths” – read the original post for more details.

  1. The better your content, the better your ranking.
  2. Church Domain names with dashes are good for rankings.
  3. Clicking on your search engine results is somehow magical.
  4. You should have huge keyword density on your homepage.
  5. Your homepage is more important than your subpages.
  6. You should pay to be listed on site indexes.
  7. Don’t have a search box.
  8. Leaving old pages up is good.
  9. Search Engine Optimisation is a flick you switch and then ignore.
  10. Social Media helps

Some good advice here – my advice, mostly, is that anyone selling “SEO expertise” is probably a charlatan. And if it sounds dodgy (like hide links in white text in your design that search engines can read but other people can’t) – then Google is probably working pretty hard to stamp the practice out.


Steve says:

You've been churning out the posts Nathan – good stuff!

I've written a couple of articles on SEO too.
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