The lazy man’s urinal

Most guys won’t admit to having substituted a sink for a urinal in a moment of desperation. But they’ll certainly have considered it. Or so I’m told.

So this invention – a urinal with a built in sink. Is a piece of engineering genius.

And it’s good for the environment too.

“To save water, Eco Urinal is designed to use the water that was used for washing hands to flush the urine. By this process, we don’t have to use water twice after using the urinal.
Moreover, it reduces the establishment expenses by optimizing the materials. Upper space of this urinal is made with glass, and it helps to secure a clear view for users. It also promotes people to keep their sanitation because people need to wash their hands to flush the urine after use.”


David C says:

Well, this post has started a conversation at work. One of my colleagues knows someone who pooed in a bath.