Two new contenders for world’s worst Christian music

Long time readers will remember the world’s worst “worship”… purely assessed from an aesthetic standpoint – I don’t know if this is acceptable to God. That’s up to him.

Here are two contenders to knock it off its throne (I have included the original as the third video in this post). In the Hokey Pokey one it’s worth persevering until 3.48. Apparently short term memory is not biblical… nor is Alzheimer’s.


gjware says:

I got my backside kicked (in a reformed brotherly way) for not pointing out the theological problems with the 'Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey' when I posted it earlier this week.
I was holding it together pretty well with the second one until the line 'he is like a Mountie, he always gets him man, and he'll zap you any way he can… zap'.
The third one simply fails to be recognisable as worship (of God) in any biblical sense of the term.

Tim says:

Is it the the same guy for both 1 and 3