Your Best Life Now = No Bacon

Joel Osteen says bacon isn’t kocher for Christians… but turkey bacon is in…


Lee Shelton says:

I think being able to tell the difference between turkey bacon and real bacon should be one of the qualifications of being an elder or pastor.

Al Bain says:

“I’m ruining all y’all’s lunch”

I feel like a pig or a shrimp now. Unclean from eating this blokes toxins.

Jack Lim says:

Needs to sack his sermon writer, cant even get the facts right. Cows have four stomachs (or four compartments to be accurate) not three.

AndrewFinden says:

Ok, so his exegesis is a little, er, fishy.. but if what he says about pigs’ diets (and I’ve heard that before, actually) then he’s got a nutritional point!

Gary Ware says:

BTW, I think that bacon is not kosher.
You’re probably getting it mixed up with Osteen’s message about not watching ‘Sunrise’.

Nathan Campbell says:

I think you’re on to something – it’s probably the spiritual gift of discernment.


What about a shrimp wrapped in bacon?


I’d say there are a few earlier causes for concern than failing at science – perhaps failing at reading the New Testament… or failing to realise that we’re not Jewish.


I’m pretty sure that farmed pigs are eating proper diets and not running around eating their diseased young. Also, our OT lecturer is actually (from his previous professional life – he has a PhD in cow stuff) an expert on cattle and if I recall correctly, suggested that there’s not much difference between eating cows and pigs, at least not in the way Osteen suggests.


I’m not sure what point you’re making about bacon not being kosher – obviously it’s not kosher for Jews – but “kosher” for Christians was a play on that – I think Osteen is extending the kosher laws to bacon (partly because of health benefits but mostly because he thinks it brings “glory to God” when we don’t eat bacon).

Lee Shelton says:

According to Romans 14:20 I am free to eat bacon. But if I were to have the Osteens over for brunch, I’d probably serve them spinach and feta quiche rather than cause them to stumble.

Al Bain says:

I’ve just put a pork shoulder in the oven.

We had some crispy squid for lunch.

Heaven help me!