YouTube Tuesday: Left Behind in a cafe

Christian television is pretty lame. Especially Christian prank shows. Especially Christian prank shows that prank people on the basis of their beliefs about the rapture. And yet. This actually made me laugh.


Gary Ware says:

'prank 3:16'?
Why can't all the Left Behind books suddenly disappear off the face of the earth?
And all the 'paranormal romance' books as well.
Yeah, I laughed too.
I was also amazed at how the phrase 'you're on a hidden camera' brings an instant change from hysteria to laughter.
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queen stuss says:

That made me laugh a lot.

I'm curious as to how someone who is of the believe-in-the-rapture persuasion would react to it. Would they find it as funny as I did, or more, or less.