YouTube Tuesday: The Rock’n’Roll bonanza

Jacob Aranza was right.

Rock and Roll is for Klingons (who Jesus hates).

Even the Catholics are onto you back masking rock stars – I’ve always wondered why “another one bites the dust” made me want to start smoking marijuana:

Crystal ball gazing is going to get you into trouble…

But, Aranza was wrong. There is no such thing as “Christian rock”… this comes in eight parts (I’ve started this at the relevant bit, the background is that this guy is a prophet of true Christianity).

I think this guy also thinks coffee and failing businesses are Satan’s work.

The solution is to be less enthusiastic in our singing.


simone r says:

Oh man. Everything is indeed terrible.

Jeremy says:

I hope all of this helped in your essay that you took the day off college to complete :-)

queenstuss says:

Wow. Where is all my Christian rock – I want to play it very loudly. Now. Maybe as an act of rebellion against Pastor “I’ve done years of research yet can’t get my facts straight”.

You have way too much time on your hands… and so do I it would seem!