Black’s Friday and the future of the Internet

This song is awful. Just awful. Many people are calling it the worst song in the world (Dave Miers isn’t). I wish Autotune technology would become sentient and eat all the awful autotuners out there. And Justin Bieber. That’s a singularity I could get behind.

But the story behind this story (the music video has had more than 27 million hits and the single is roaring up the charts on iTunes), is that this 13 year old girl’s parents paid a company (Ark Music Factory – here’s Rebecca Black’s Profile on their website) $2,000 to make a viral video. That’s $2,000 well spent. Except for all the hate. TechCrunch’s wrap up of the viral side of the story is worth a read. Gawker’s coverage is also pretty good (here’s another, and a story about the company behind the video), and here’s a C-Net wrap up.

Her story has gone mainstream media – where she responds to all the hate and reaches out to Justin Bieber…

Here’s a parody…

Now, if only the Old Spice man would weigh in on a Bieber/Black duet we’d have some sort of viral perfection.


Gary Ware says:

You should use this as a reference point next time you want to castigate stupid vapidity in Christian culture.
Even in dumbness Christians are derivitive.
I look forward to some precocious Christian moppet releasing their own revised lyrics ‘Sunday’.

And it’s not a patch on this.
(Just wait for the autotune version)

dave miers says:

for the record, nathan suggested a parody called sunday here: does that make him a precocious Christian moppet? ;)

Gary Ware says:

I was thinking more specifically of some tweenagers in snuggies posted on YouTube by their parents, so I didn’t have that notion in mind, but for the life of me I can’t think of a reason to say ‘No.’

Paul Berkman says:

There is one redeeming factor of autotuning that just can’t be ignored. I’m a fan of the unintentional singer, introduced by autotune the news. Two of my favourites are and

Paul Berkman says:

Forgive the html retardation… Two of my favourites are the backin’ up song and Obama’s song.

Ben McLaughlin says:

I found it surprisingly awesome. We we we we so excited. Damn straight.

I also just watched the acoustic version which was fun too. I think that’s her proud dad looking on there, hyping up the kids on the couch. Good on ‘im. That’s where too many daddy dates lead.