Got a mad skill? I want to know about it

Remember Mad Skillz Week – that awesome fortnight last year when you, my dear readers, contributed your mad skillz for the benefit of others. Good times.

Well. It’s Mad Skillz time again. I’ve put the call out on Facebook, and now I’m putting the call out here too. If you have a randomly acquired ability, a professional skill, a piece of expertise, or something from your vast range of life experience that you think would benefit the eclectic mix of readers who visit this site – then tell me about it. Please. It doesn’t have to be amazing, just something that you know how to do but others don’t. I’ll publish it if it’s not something inappropriate and if it’s not boring. Maybe even if it’s boring.

Email me at my gmail address. It’s nm(.)campbell at gmail dot com. But without the brackets and with the requisite @ symbol.

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