Movement at the QTC station

Speaking of press releases… it was announced to us yesterday at college, and released to the world via a media release, that the Rev Dr. Bruce Winter is stepping down from his role as principal at our college and moving into a role as a research professor, lecturing in New Testament and Systematic Theology.

It’s cool that he’s sticking around, sad that he’s stepping down. So a little bittersweet. I’ve really appreciated Bruce’s hermeneutic and his emphasis on family based ecclesiology. Plus he’s a leading expert on the socio-historical context of the New Testament and going to Greece and Turkey with him was a pretty life changing experience.

That photo sits on his desk. In a frame. Because I put it there.

If you’re an Old Testament/Hebrew expert who wants to fill theses big shoes – then QTC would like to hear from you.

5 thoughts on “Movement at the QTC station”

  1. Because Bruce is sticking around – we’ll have two NT guys, and only one OT/Hebrew guy. And enrolments are growing pretty strongly. And perhaps because they’ve got someone in mind.

    Why wouldn’t they want an OT scholar? That’s what the Media Release says they want.

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