Project Update: The Scambaiter’s Cookbook

Just so you know I haven’t been resting on my laurels on this one…

From my new friend:

“I am really happy that you are showing interest to know the food I like and other things that makes me happy. That is very good of you and I really appreciate that.

But my dear I would want you to understand that the only thing that will make me happy for now is helping me to transfer my inheritance into your account so that you can send me enough money to arrange my traveling documents to meet with you there in your country.Honestly life here in this camp is truly miserable and my earnest expectation is to leave this camp.

Notwithstanding my dear my best dish as you have asked is white rice and fried plantain with vegetable salad.Other one is our local food called acheke with our local sauce which i shall teach you how to prepare when we are finally together.”

Hopefully a recipe will be coming shortly.


Damien Carson says:

You’re terrible, Muriel.

Gary Ware says:

Sounds faintly Hannibal Lectorish to me.
Be careful.