Some initial thoughts on Facebook’s Timeline

There’s a shortcut doing the rounds. You have to be a Facebook developer, which is incredibly easy. And only other developers will be able to see your new profile until they’re made public (you can sign up to get one when they’re made public here).

Facebook Timeline looks impressive. Don’t believe me? Let Don Draper convince you… That video is a mashup of a Mad Men pitch for a Kodak product and details about Facebook’s new profile format. It was created by a guy named Eric Leist.

I’ve got to say – I like these changes and this new design more than I’ve liked anything Facebook has done before, change wise. I’m not one of those people who complains about redesigns. I mean. Look what Facebook looked like when it launched. Navigation is intuitive – and it’s fun looking back through my own story, I’m looking forward to browsing through other peoples’ histories too. That’s what Facebook is for. Right?

Anyway, here are some shots from my sneak peak.

This is a “summary” of photos I was tagged in in September.

And places I visited.

Pretty nifty.

A significant time…

This could be game changing for businesses and churches in terms of creating content with some legacy value, there’s something nice about having an entity’s history there to play around with.