The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Photo Albums

My friend Steve Tran is a pretty top photographer, bloke, and coffee drinker. He wrote this post about Facebook photo albums that is worth thinking about if you’re the type of person who puts photos on Facebook. Like everything else in the world that’s good – he subscribes to a less is more philosophy of sorts. Read it.

He took this photo of me that I like so much I turned it into the background for my new profile.

Here’s the reciprocal photo I took at the same time…

If Steve wanted to guest blog his photography tips from a presentation he did on our Toowoomba mission earlier this year I reckon that would be pretty worthwhile. Maybe I’ll ask him in this paragraph.


Rich says:

It’s kinda like you had a camera duel. The rules are that on the count of three or ten or whatever you whip out your camera and take a photo of your opponent. The person with the best photo wins. It looks like you lost. By heaps. But I guess you could use the excuse that you were shooting into the sun…

Steven says:

Re Photography Tips, sure :) I was going to blog them later – probably after BLT…

Andrew says:

It does look like you could do with spending some more time with him… :)

Also, thanks to that I know you have at least one turtle. You should blog about that more.

And maybe join