The Waiting Game: A movie to abstain from

This is a movie pitch for a Christian parody of the 40 Year Old Virgin. It is bad on so many levels. They want to raise $2 million for production. The cameo from disgraced minister Ted Haggard is a touch. It’s not a nice touch. But a creepy touch.

“The Waiting Game is about a guy who saves himself for marriage only to have his fiance leave him on their wedding day. He must now decide if it’s worth it to wait again.

This demo trailer was produced to give an idea of what the story might look like.

Our target budget is $2M. Will be directed by Arthur Anderson. Candace Cameron Bure as one of the actors.”

I’m sorry. But this is ridiculous. Does anybody in the world think this is a good idea?


It looks about as crap as most of the crap movies that come out. As if the standard Hollywood romantic comedy is any more original or interesting than this one.

It’ll be as ‘good’ (within the bounds of Hollywood-style rubbish) as the writers, actors, director, etc that they get to work on it.

Which is to say, with a $2mil budget, probably not very good.

AndrewFinden says:

To be fair, there were three jokes at which I chuckled in that trailer, but I don’t think that manages to make up for the giant Jesus Juke that is the basic premise of the film.

Tamie says:

Yep, so many different levels of badness.

The main thing that horrified me was the guy’s obsession with sex and his view of marriage as a path to sex – doesn’t sound very different from the stereotype of the average non-Christian guy.

I’m trying to work out who would go to see this – it’s insulting to Christian men and women and irrelevant to non-Christians.

Nathan Campbell says:

Hi Tamie,

Agreed. Both the atheist blogs I’ve read and the commenters on YouTube have picked that up. It’s so sad that the Christians behind it didn’t.

I think the audience is: atheists who want to laugh at Christians, Christians who want to laugh at stupider Christians, and university students in classes about how not to make bad movies.

This movie does have one giant good thing going for it: it’s not starring Kirk Cameron.

Nathan Campbell says:

Sadly it stars his sister.

simone r says:

c’mon Nathan. I’ve watched this twice now and I’m still laughing. It’s funny.