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On the 2190000th day God created Nascar…

And we’ve been thankful ever since… Tim sent me this on Facebook. I love that he thank God for his smokin’ hot wife. They probably share a Facebook profile.

Friday Tunes: New Third Eagle Song possibly related to Independence Day

I think the music just keeps getting better and better from this guy…

The alarming Christian precursor to Dorothy the Dinosaur

It’s hard to know when this sort of children’s television (EdI placed the apostrophe there after some deliberation, I assume only one child ever watched this, but then I had a further dilemma because children is plural. So I was going to suggest two childs = a children. And two children watched this. And then I realised that because children is a collective noun the apostrophe belongs there anyway) was actually appealing.

You have to do a little bit of source criticism on this to figure out how much of the craziness is attributable to the original, and not to the editors, but if anybody knows anything about the origins of this ‘ere show, I’d love to hear about it.

The Waiting Game: A movie to abstain from

This is a movie pitch for a Christian parody of the 40 Year Old Virgin. It is bad on so many levels. They want to raise $2 million for production. The cameo from disgraced minister Ted Haggard is a touch. It’s not a nice touch. But a creepy touch.

“The Waiting Game is about a guy who saves himself for marriage only to have his fiance leave him on their wedding day. He must now decide if it’s worth it to wait again.

This demo trailer was produced to give an idea of what the story might look like.

Our target budget is $2M. Will be directed by Arthur Anderson. Candace Cameron Bure as one of the actors.”

I’m sorry. But this is ridiculous. Does anybody in the world think this is a good idea?

Arguing with Strawmen: Literally, not figuratively

I am aware of the danger of arguing with strawmen. But these guys have silly noses, and the idea that you get sick if you don’t pray enough is so stupid that they’ve earned their place in the St. Eutychus hall of YouTube Shame.

Via Jesus Needs New PR

The Back from the Dead Intruder

One can only hope this was produced for some sort of “make a parody of a YouTube hit with a Christian message” competition. And not because these people thought “hey, you know what the world needs – a Christian version of the Bed Intruder song”…

That’s the danger of parodies. It’s really hard to interpret them in context if none is provided. But enough people thought this was a good idea that they volunteered to be part of it…

Via Scotteriology.

An Easter stunt I won’t be pulling tomorrow…

Ahh. Good Friday. The day, unlike all the other days of the Christian life, where we pay attention to the death of Jesus. Oh. Wait.

I am preaching. Preaching on the cross is interesting, because finding a new angle is hard.

This guy, in his pre-Easter sermon, decided to have a rant about how people who visit church just at Easter time dress. And then he decided to climb in a baby pool to keep preaching.

Skip through to 4 minutes 40 for the pool bit. He stays there for the rest of his sermon.

For more interesting reasons, from the Greek, that this guy is an idiot. Read this Scotteriology post.

Sam Glenn, Christianity’s Jim Carrey, will motivate you and change your life

This, friends, from what I can gather, is a young Sam Glenn, author of such works as Butt Prints in the Sand. No. I’m serious.

It’s some sort of comedic take on the footprint poem.

This is some sort of comedic take on Jim Carrey’s back catalogue of facial expressions.

You can book Sam Glenn as a motivational preacher. His repertoire has since expanded to include chalk art.

And the book “Stop Living Like a Constipated Christian“.

Welcome to the Golden Star Palace

The Golden Star Palace sounds like a Chinese restaurant. But it’s not. It’s much worse.

Rub a dub, dub, a snake in the tub

This video is doing the rounds and it is too bad for me not to post. A yoof leader explains sin by playing with his pet python in his bubble bath. There is no innuendo in that sentence. He literally has a snake in the bath.

Puppets sing “I can see clearly now the sin has gone”

Church concerts should be kept behind closed doors and not posted on YouTube.

Robbed of context most things performed at such events look even stupider.

Via Christian Nightmares.

If Owl City was a middle aged Christian woman in pink…

They might sound a little bit like this.

This reminds me of a karaoke act at a church concert I was at once. And that is not a good thing…

The subtitle thing on YouTube says:

“A great song with a powerful message! Enjoy!”

Here’s my powerful message. I didn’t.

She has heaps of songs on YouTube. You can watch them all.

This one, perhaps ironically, is called “Your Voice Is My Healing”…

Based on the birth year in her username this is a 67 year old woman. So she should know better. Or perhaps this is what the 66 year old men are looking for these days.

Christian rap kids sing wearing snuggies

Don’t people know YouTube videos can be set to private?

Please think twice before posting Christian parody songs on YouTube

This is awful. Don’t these children have parents…

Via Christian Nightmares.

“What you going to do with atheists? All those pagan atheists?
I’m going to set them free. Make them Christians just like me”

I hope they don’t think this song is part of that process.

But it could be worse.

I’m happy for you to believe that the earth is 6,000 years old, and that dinosaurs died in the flood, I like the Bible too. And I think taking it seriously is important. But please. Please. Please. Don’t take a song like this, and turn it into a song like that. Just awful. If people think your cause is ridiculous

Could this be the worst Christian song on YouTube?

Umm. See this post. This is awful. Just awful. Maybe it’s the look on his face. Half constipation. Half naked aggression.