Tumblrweed: Literally Unbelievable

The Onion has been around for ages. It’s older than Facebook. Older than YouTube. Almost older than the internet. And yet. Some people still don’t understand that it’s satire.

There’s a great online law – Poe’s Law – that says good satire will be indistinguishable from truth. Literally Unbelievable is a demonstration of the power of Poe’s Law. Capturing Facebookers who don’t know the difference between the Onion and real news.


RodeoClown says:

At a church I used to go to we had a full page of the bulletin devoted to how JK Rowling was an evil Satanist who was training kids to be devil-worshippers, and it contained an attributed quote from The Onion.

I went and told the minister that it was a comedy site, and he didn’t care.