Welcoming Sophia Campbell

At about 10.43 this morning our world changed forever. Hopefully for the better. With the safe arrival, via Caesarian (somewhat unexpectedly after a routine appointment yesterday) of our amazing daughter Sophia. I’m very proud of my wife for carting our child around for nine months on the inside. And absolutely delighted to meet our daughter in the flesh. I suspected it was a girl all along.

We’re thankful to God for a safe delivery, great medical care before, during and after birth, and the love we’ve felt from friends and family who have expressed joy with us. Having children is not something we take for granted, and we grieve with those who feel a pang of sadness with this sort of announcement. But God is good – he answers prayers – and we can testify to that in a new way today.

Fatherhood changes a man. So much that my original very funny title for this post is now buried in the tags.





And great grandparents…

Are all overjoyed with the news. It has been a pretty rollercoaster year for Robyn and I, so this is a nice way to end it. And being a Christmas baby, I’m thrilled for my daughter’s sake that she doesn’t have to share my birthday.

12 thoughts on “Welcoming Sophia Campbell”

  1. The best post I’ve read this month (she’s exactly a month younger than Zoe)!
    You’re all looking great!

  2. Congratulations Nathan! She is beautiful! Many blessings on you all. i’m kinda glad that tag got buried (though i admit to chuckling)…. ;) What a lovely name, too!

    1. this post literally made me weep. So touching. Steph and I always talk about how extraordinary parents you and Robyn will be/are. Congrats again, guys! can’t wait to visit the little one after Christmas.

  3. Congratulations Nathan! Well done Robyn! Hello Sophia!

    We’re so happy for you all!

    PS Was the name a souvenir from Greece?

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