Changing the tone of the carbon tax debate

There are times when people do really dumb stuff in the name of PR. And it’s clearly been orchestrated. Those are times that the PR people behind the ideas need to take responsibility. Prepping your minister, the Minister for Trade, to do a bad parody song on a TV interview – and it was a carefully prepared stunt, he even had permission from the band – is a bad idea. See just how bad here…

Somehow I think the message that Tony Abbott’s policy is a joke is going to get a bit lost here.

3 thoughts on “Changing the tone of the carbon tax debate”

  1. Haha. You have to wait for it, right to the end of the clip, but i then couldn’t wait for it to finish. I can’t sing or dance, which is why I don’t do those sort of things, especially not with a camera rolling.

    (Also by the way, your RSS feed has been getting this funny message for every post on my google reader – “Warning: Missing argument 2 for standard_process_link_post_format_title() in /home/nmcampbell/ on line 2713”. I have no idea what it is, or whether it is at my end or your end and not sure if you knew, or know how to fix it, but thought you would appreciate knowing).

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