World conquering ducks: A potential reason not to home school

This must surely be a joke. I’m assuming it is. The alternative is just too bizarre to fathom. There are much better arguments against gay marriage than this… This is from, allegedly, a 14 year old New Zealander.


Via the Twitters, @Leigh_howard

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  1. As a homeschooled uni student, I can tell you that this guy is not the norm… It’s these people who gives home education a bad name, and I’m constantly have to defend myself to those who aren’t home educated because of these bad examples. It’s all down to how well the parents teach their kids to think.

    1. Nathan Campbell

      Hi Gabby – I don’t think this is really a reason not to home school. Unless you’re going to teach your kids about ducks that are going to take over the world…

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  4. to some it’d cement the view of christians as dumb, isolationist bigots. while they might concede that this letter is plainly a joke, it’d be thought to be not too far from where many people sit on this issue.

    some home school kids i have known who were around my age were of the “strange” type, but kids i’ve seen at church more recently are better socialised, and not of the sterotypical “kept in an isolated box” image many have.

    one thing that would be refreshingly nice would be if “church” schools actually gave discounts to members of their church that attended. not to get people to attend church for the sake of the discount, but to acknowledge that the school is first and foremost serving the church community before it serves the wider community. otherwise it might as well give up the church affiliations.

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