My post-Google Reader future

I’ve been playing around with new feed readers – with the impending demise of Google Reader. Here is my dilemma, and my solution.

Image Credit: Feedly newsletter.

I love Reeder. It’s a great app. I have it on phone, iPad, and Mac – and it plays nicely across all my iThings. So I was putting most of my eggs in whatever basket Reeder managed to bring to the table after the developer promised life would continue beyond the death of Google Reader.

Reeder is working with Feedlyonly in the IOS app format for now – so my desktop app is going to have to wait for an update. Feedly has its own apps too.

Digg’s new reader looks nice. And I liked the feature on the process of pulling it together that I read on it on Wired.

I’ve transferred my Reader subscriptions to both Digg and Feedly. Feedly looks the nicest. Digg is the most stripped back.

What are you doing in the post Google world?


6 thoughts on “My post-Google Reader future”

  1. I thought Flipboard had it in the bag for me, then I installed feedly – both on iPhone. Liking feedly…

    I’m finding they’re pulling up different results from the same former google reader folder though. Strange. Or more likely, I don’t understand feedly yet.

  2. I’m going with Feedly as well. I started using it for a bit, but I must admit I’ve switched back to Reader (until tomorrow), because of the terribly convenient Chrome Extension which tells me when I have a new post come through (and gives the number of unread posts). When I first got Feedly there didn’t appear to be an equivalent Extension, but a quick search has just provided me with ‘Feedly Pooqer’ – which should do quite nicely.

  3. Reeder for me, drawing from the Feedly aggregation engine. But I suspect I’ll have to be using Feedly app for a while until Reeder gets the necessary updates to draw from Feedly.

  4. I’ve used Reeder, then tried Feedly once the Feedly cloud came on line.
    But I think I’m back to Reeder as my preference.
    Google, I hates you forever.

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