Rappin for Jesus

These guys do “exude some Christian swag.”

But this is not how to make the gospel relevant for the hip hop community. There is so much wrong with this… particularly the bit where a couple of middle aged white people are more than a little bit racist, not to mention that they’re rapping.

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4 thoughts on “Rappin for Jesus”

    1. Yeah. It’s such a mix of slightly good stuff with downright offensive attempts to be relevant. It’s what happens when you can’t properly separate the style of what you’re trying to redeem from the substance – you don’t need to bust caps, or call anybody “n******” to do hip hop for Jesus.

  1. Are you sure it’s not a Poe… “let his love pop a cap in your butt” ?. Also, the old guy with the fog machine was my favourite.

    1. I’m not sure – but it seems far too conversant with Christian culture, and the people are, I think, too old to be engaged in internet shenanigans.

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