Living Faithfully in the ‘sexular age’ (a talk/panel thing)

A couple of months ago the Presbyterian Church of Queensland met for its AGM, we call it ‘Assembly’, and our committee (The Gospel in Society Today) presented a forum on how the leaders of our churches might process the rapid upheaval in our world around the areas of sex, gender, sexuality and marriage.

I ripped off Stephen McAlpine’s ‘A Sexular Age‘ pun on Charles Taylor’s work to provide what I believe is a framework that is both Biblical and ‘real’ to describe the age we live in and what’s going on in conversations around these topics. We filmed the thing. Here it is. I don’t always blow my own trumpet, but if you want a tight summary of the thinking behind all the stuff I’ve written about sexuality and marriage here on this site, it’s probably 30 minutes of me talking that is almost worth watching… the panel discussion is better because there are more voices and people’s actual questions.

We also launched a website for the committee which you should check out (which has a mailing list you should subscribe to).


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  1. finally watched this. Just wish some of these things were more talked about and said back about 7/8years ago in our denomination. I like that there is this now talking about how to engage etc with same sex attracted/LGBT people. 7’/8 years ago I know that a particular Pressy church did not do a good job of loving and being there and knowing how to deal with someone who fell into this category. I only hope that they have learnt from their mistakes in dealing with same sex attracted/LGBT/people living in this way and if they have had anyone who identifies as same sex attracted/LGBT that they are better equipped to know who to best care for them, rather then turning them away because they are living a sinful life in that area. I like the belong, believe, Behave model. I hope that this particular church saw this talk and can uterlise that model in letting anyone who potentially identifies as LGBT be apart of their church even if they are not yet a Christian or identify as Christian but are possibly not quite living the way the church thinks they should be living.

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