Ministry in an iWorld

Here’s a summary of these slides in article form. You can check out things I’ve collated on the “Social Media Resources” page, or things I’ve posted and tagged as Using Social Media for Jesus.

The Slides

Neo-Leading in an iWorld

Youth Ministry in an iWorld

Ministry in an iWorld

The videos


[…] final year students at Queensland Theological College about ‘Ministry in an iWorld.’ You can see my (mostly) self-explanatory set of slides from my presentation here. This weekend I’m repurposing what I said at this presentation for a group of young adults, […]

[…] promised I’d make my slides easy to find. So here they are (along with the earlier version of this presentation I did for a more general […]

[…] assumption, that I’ll put up front. I’ve written plenty about this elsewhere (including how people who are leaders in churches might help the people they lead think about this stuff). I’m going to assume that we, people, as God’s image bearers, are God’s social […]

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