An Easter stunt I won’t be pulling tomorrow…

Ahh. Good Friday. The day, unlike all the other days of the Christian life, where we pay attention to the death of Jesus. Oh. Wait.

I am preaching. Preaching on the cross is interesting, because finding a new angle is hard.

This guy, in his pre-Easter sermon, decided to have a rant about how people who visit church just at Easter time dress. And then he decided to climb in a baby pool to keep preaching.

Skip through to 4 minutes 40 for the pool bit. He stays there for the rest of his sermon.

For more interesting reasons, from the Greek, that this guy is an idiot. Read this Scotteriology post.


Tamie says:

How did your sermon go Nathan?

Nathan Campbell says:

I think it went OK. I’m never the best person to judge my own sermons, but I was happy with it. I’ll post a link to the audio when it goes up in a couple of days.

Haydn says:

This man HAS to be the David Brent of preaching.