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Merry Christmas from Chuck Norris (and some airline)

Anything JCVD can do, Chuck can do better.


Here’s the JCVD original (in case you missed it).

And as a bonus. Chuck Norris fights Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon.


Totally necessary invention: The Oreo Separating machine

It uses a hatchet. It’s a bit like a chicken deboner.

It’s a fantastic ad campaign. Here’s a second video…

Cookietastic advert: Oreo snapshots of world history

These are great. I’m inspired to play with my food. And eat Oreos.

Images from IsleofIdeas.com and Ibelieveinadv.com.

Blocktastic advert: Minimalist Lego characters

Lego ads always give me a little thrill. These are no different. These are minimal lego cartoon characters.

Images via Design Taxi

Glass harp full: Amazing musical glasses

Seen the ad for the Skoda Superb? It’s, well, superb.

It features a bloke by the name of Petr Spatina. Who is very clever.

He’s good. But this guy, Robert Tiso, might just be better.

This doesn’t sound as nice, but it’s also pretty cool.

The Simpsons intro in Real Life

This is a piece of art.

Come Home To The Simpsons from devilfish on Vimeo.

Mo money, mo problems

Are you Movembering? I would if I could. But I can’t. My mo don’t grow. This year I even tried growing it a month in advance.

And that’s the results…

Which is a shame. Because Movember is awesome. This is what internet activism and awareness raising should look like. Not some stupid innuendo based “secret” campaign.

So, instead of calling for people to donate to my Movember efforts – I’m encouraging you to donate to my friend Paul’s efforts. Plus, he has a ranga mo – so he needs all the support he can get…

I love the marketing campaigns and stuff springing up around Movember.

And especially these pictures, which were what mo-tivated me to write this post to begin with.

Moustaches make a difference…

These, and more, via Scary Ideas.

It’s a book ad

This is very nice.

Lego Ad: Build Anything

Lego ads are fun. Here’s another one.

Build Anything from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

How to stop speeding

This is a cool ad campaign with one of those clever stretchy sticker things that looks like it’s in 3D from different angles. The type you see on sports fields in TV broadcasts.

More about the campaign here.

High steaks advertising

Scent branding is taken to a whole new level with this billboard advertising a steakhouse – during peak hour it pumps the smell of delicious steak into the streets

Alfa Romeo v Alpha Centauri

I want a car with laser beam headlights… but then, don’t we all. I figure the space invader aliens are from somewhere out near Alpha Centauri? Right?

The Beetles

This VW ad is very cool.

From here.

Value Ad-ding

Television commercials in regional areas are commonly bad. You might, if you live in a regional area, have assumed that low production standards and owner operator cameos were endemic to your particular geographic region – but I assure you – this is a global phenomenon.

Rhett and Link love local commercials. Especially these ones.

They were so inspired by ads like this that they now travel the United States making local commercials for local companies. Awesome.

Bringing a tank to a gun sport

Australians make the best beer ads.