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10 stupid USB Devices

You can put a USB connection on just about anything – even an amputated finger – and there are so many USB devices around that the “universal” is becoming a literal description rather than an indication of ubiquity. Here’s ten USB devices that should never have been made. Let alone sold.And where to buy them.

  1. Dance Dance Devolution
  2. Air conditioned neck tie
  3. The ChatterBot – this one needs describing.

    WowWee™ Chatterbots are fantastically fun animated computer accessories to have on your desktop. These collectable, highly stylized character figurines always have something to say about what you are up to — and it’s not always appropriate! Each Chatterbot™ features a unique personality and a signature animation. Connect directly to your Mac or PC using the included USB cable, then listen and watch as your Chatterbot entertains you with its unpredictable stream of jokes, dialog, and comments about your virtual life.

    And an image…

  4. An Airconditioned Shirt
  5. A USB roll up piano keyboard
  6. A USB stress ball that will cause your screen to respond
  7. USB powered ugg boots
  8. USB Rubber Chicken (you have to make it yourself following these Spanish instructions)
  9. Stupid USB digital photo frame
  10. Stupid USB hubs – of all kinds – particularly the Teddy Bear variety…

Toastered TV

Here’s a device that could one day make the weather man obsolete.

This contraption looks interesting you say. But what is it? Possibly the most awesome device ever to be posted on my blog.

No more reading tea leaves or chicken entrails for your morning auguries  (unless you have liverwurst on your toast) – It is a weather forecasting toaster. It prints the day’s forecast on your morning bread. It will one day be available in stores. It was launched at a Java conference eight years ago. I can’t believe it’s not out there in stores yet. It’s the ultimate convergence device.

Make your next beer a blast

Why is it that I make one of the coolest posts I’ve made in days weeks months ever and the next day I spot something that would have been an absolutely perfect fit. I give you the beer blaster.

Actually, it’s probably good enough to warrant its own post. Here’s where you can get yours – and here it is in action.

Son of a gun

Barack Obama is under fire from the Christian Right gun lobby for making air travel in the US more dangerous by repealing an act that allowed pilots to carry sidearms.

Guns are fun. Everyone knows that. Which is why I’ve collected this post full of novely gun items that you should all consider adding to your personal armoury.

Like this BBQ lighter

“A fun way to start the grill, the Shoot and Cook Rifle BBQ lighter will help you light your grilling flames safely. This 14.5’’ lever action rifle replica features impressive miniature details that are sure to make it one of your favorite backyard grilling tools. Refillable, this butane lighter is child resistant for safety and features flame adjustment.”

Sounds fun. Buy it from the Bass Pro Shops

Now, we all know I’m a bit OCD about flies. Nothing spoils Christmas lunch at the Campbells like a hoard of buzzing blowflies… well, now I can dispose of them safely and hygenically. Thanks to this:

Once the trigger has been activated, the capture tube will shoot out about 1 cm. At the same time there will be a strong vacuum created in the suction cylinder and capture tube. The fly doesn’t stand a chance against the suction, which is reinforced by the rapid projection of the capture tube. The fly is sucked into the capture tube up to the protective grating. The protective grating prevents the fly from getting into the internal mechanism.

Fly Goodbye.

If you’ve caught your flies and don’t have turtles to feed them to – perhaps you’ll need this butane lighter machine gun with a laser scope. It’s not a long bow to draw. It’s a machine gun lighter to burn

“This great refillable butane lighter looks just like a Machine Gun. Pull back the hammer and watch the blue jet torch come out the front. This gun lighter is also a laser pointer with 5 different picture lenses including traditional point pinky hand indian skull hand and more!. Everyone will notice your amazing lighter/lazer pointer gun.”

Yeah, and chicks totally dig guys with machine gun flamethrowers. Buy yours here today. Or don’t, they’ll no doubt be here tomorrow.

And finally the coup de grace – if you can’t handle all these guns of awesomeness and rather conveniently want to shoot yourself – I give you… the backwards pistol. I’m sure it’s ergonomically sound.

*Possibly not a real product.

YouTube Twosday: Segway segue

Lets face it. Despite my constant references to the gyroscopic personal transport device Segways have not taken the world by storm.

Perhaps the underlying technology was just not used to its full potential. Maybe. Just maybe. Someone should have considered how much more awesome a segway would have been were it based on an octopus. With tentacles instead of wheels. What do you mean someone has already done that?  Why are all the good ideas taken? It’s called the Cajun Crawler – and here it is in action…

Bear necessities

If you go down to the woods today and you’re short of a bear disguise – how bout this sleeping bag? It’s sure to keep pesky nocturnal intruders away – and ensure your picnic basket doesn’t get pinched. If you want one you have to email the designer.

Magic storage solution

So you’re a budding magician – or someone with a swordid past. And you’re looking for a novel solution to storing all your tricks and miscellaneous items. Well. Look no further. Get them before they disappear. Actually – they’re just an illusion – a concept – waiting to be developed. This guy designed them.

Found here.

Fat chance

This is a bus shelter. You might think it’s a normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill public transport hailing vestibule. But no. It’s more awesome. It tells you how fat you are. With a built in scale. Currently it’s advertising Fitness First. It would be extra handy if it was near a post box so you could weigh your oversized mail. From Neatorama.

Fun stuff from spoon sisters

Here’s a site full of useful, intriguing and stupid gadgets.

Click the images for links to the product.

Pick your nose party cups

The Wally - wallet sized bottle opener

The Wally - wallet sized bottle opener

Give your Brownies an edge

Give your Brownies an edge

Digital workout

If thumb wrestling has worn out your thumb – and you need a work for a different digit but in the same vein perhaps this finger controlled arm wrestling game will fill that very specific gap in your exercise regime. But why not just play XBox? It’s yours for just $US24.95.

How to win at Jenga every time

Tired of your precariously positioned Jenga tower collapsing as you carefully slide a block out of place. Well – blast those fears away with this Jenga cannon found here and with a making of guide here. And possibly take out your competitor’s eye in the process – helping you win every time.

The Campbells, fairly or unfairly, have a reputation for cheating to win so this will be a popular stocking filler next Christmas.

Digital enhancement

If I ever lose a digit I am going to request the prosthesis take the form of this YouSB.

This little light of mine…

Lets face it. Lava lamps are a thing of the past. 43 years in fact. There’s a bit of a retro theme happening today – what with references to Pacman and Ghostbusters – Lava lamps were a brilliant idea. But these alien abduction lamps are cooler. When they hit the market I’m in.

If Mr Squiggle drank beer…

He’d do it out of these glasses.

I post a lot of rubbish inventions and gadgets here that you could probably find for yourself at Granny Mays, or any other novelty gift shop.

These glasses are something I’d actually buy. If I was still a single uni student.

This guy got mugged

The awesomeness of this coaster really doesn’t need explaining.

I’m struggling to maintain any level of respectable quality with my headings with my current rate of posting.