Storm in teacup

So the Melbourne Storm were cheating the salary cap. Hands up who was shocked by the news that a team boasting so many representative players was rorting the salary cap…

No hands?

Didn’t think so.

I guess this makes the Might Manly Warringah Sea Eagles back-to-back champions.

4 thoughts on “Storm in teacup”

  1. I was just saying on FB, that it was only last week I was explaining to Sarah what a grapple tackle was. Also, that it was introduced by Melbourne amongst other wrestling moves, which was a big part of their success. She asked was it cheating, and I said 'Not really'.

    As it turns out, it was only where the cheating began.

  2. Bellamy has said

    "Personally I am heartbroken.

    "But this football club has great character and values. We will not walk away from this challenge.

    "We will stick tight together as a group and fight our way back from this."

    How dumb is he? Great values?

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