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A Third Eagle song about the Denver International Airport mural (oh, and Psy says the Antichrist is a gay polygamist)

I love it when he sings… and when he talks about the Denver International Airport. So this is fusion gold.

But here are some things we learn from Gangnam Style about the antichrist.

  • The timing of end times events (but you’ll have to wait for the next video for this).
  • The timing of the end of the Catholic Church.
  • The timing of the end of the United States.
  • The timing of Russia and China’s invasion of the United States.
  • The relationship between the false prophet and the antichrist.
  • The sexuality of the antichrist – he’s a homosexual, bisexual, pedophile who is married, to two wives.
  • The gender confusion of the antichrist – he’s a transexual, apparently.
  • The bow-tie in the video promote gay marriage because they are phallic symbols.
  • The antichrist will publicly proclaim his support for gay marriage…

The real fun starts at about 6 minutes in…

Some autotuned Third Eagle

The Third Eagle is a lyrical genius. Sometimes his musicality leaves a little to be desired. But we can fix that. Thanks to the power of Songify – a great little app – we can autotune his vocals, and change up the music a little. I plan to turn these into videos one day.

But for now, here’s a few newly remastered Third Eagle songs. Some of his stuff is a little too political for the mainstream.

Here’s a little mashup of Obama related prophecies

Here’s Doom and Gloom – the smash hit from the Number 1 YouTube Prophet.

It’s actually not worse than the original.

It helps that he’s recently developed a love for popular music.

This is Crazy

Here’s a bit of a recent taste of a cover of Call Me Maybe.

Screen Shot 2012 11 13 at 7.59.12 PM

And this one… a smash hit in the making.

Open Gangland Style

And a weird version of Gangnam Style.

Breaking News: Third Eagle says college football upset is “prophecy from God”

This. Friends. Is why a consistent hermeneutic when it comes to the use of language is really important. It’s the equivalent of jumping from David’s rock hitting Goliath in the temple (anatomical word) to the Temple as a place. The etymology of both is Latin. Tapley is rhyming an acronym with somebody’s name.

Watch out Bama.

Oh yeah. And Gangham Style is bad. Listen up. He’s the most accurate YouTube prophet out there…

Third Eagle says zombie attacks sign of end times…

You have no idea how much pleasure I took from writing the title of this post.

The video is a ramble, but it’s posted here for posterity’s sake so that we can all look back when the zombie attacks aren’t the bear attack from the book of Daniel.

As it turns out the zompocalypse and apocalypse are possibly the same thing. Who knew?

New Third Eagle song: now with more waterfalls

Typical rapture rock.

Also. This important analysis of an Obama poem…

Friday Tunes: New Third Eagle Song possibly related to Independence Day

I think the music just keeps getting better and better from this guy…

War of the words: Third Eagle condemns other doomsday prophet

This is brilliant in so many ways, and on so many levels, starting with the gardening by power tool, finishing with one loon telling off another loon for being a loon. William Tapley v Harold Campling. Gold.