Big day for my biggest little sister

I’m looking forward to watching my biggest little sister get married tomorrow.

I’m thankful that I’m the oldest child in my family because I can watch all my sisters blossom, and appreciate their gifts, with pride rather than envy.

It’s a privilege to have grown up with such quality women, who became something of a yardstick for me when it came to looking for my own spouse.

Anyway. Big congrats to Jo, and to Shayne. I think the comment a status I posted asking for one word descriptions of both of them pretty much sums this up:

“Jo is incredible in every way. Shayne is a very lucky guy”

I’ll be MCing the wedding. I’ve done a few of these now. I’m finding it harder and harder to try to be funny rather than functional. I’ve seen so many bad MCs and I dread being one of them.

Some handy fashion tips from Put This On

I’m pretty horrible when it comes to fashion, unless I’m really dressing up for something. The other day I spent about an hour and a half trying to tie a full Windsor knot while driving to a wedding (and while stopped at a beach near the venue – see Mitch’s photo blog for proof), without a mirror. I kept retying it because dammit. My tie will be equilateral not isosceles.

So, if you’re bad with fashion, like I am, these (basic) tips from fashion tumblog “Put This On” will set you straight.

A random sampling:

  1. Your tie should reach your belt line – it shouldn’t end above your belt or below it.
  2. Your tie knot should have a dimple.
  3. Only wear a tie if you’re also wearing a suit or sportcoat (or, very casually, a sweater). Shirt, tie and no jacket is the wedding uniform of a nine-year-old.
  4. The only men who should wear black suits during the day are priests, undertakers, secret agents, funerals attendees and yokels.

Busy, busy, busy

Apologies for the stagnation. My little sister is getting married tomorrow, and I’m preaching on Sunday. So expect it to continue for a couple of days.

I will try to find interesting things to say in the meantime.

Passive aggressive registry

If your name is Shoshana you’re likely to grow up with an overdeveloped sense of personal entitlement.

You have every right to feel angry at the world. And to feel like the world – and all the people in it – owe you something.

Check it.

This is why we had an anti-registry for our wedding.

Inviting debate

This post was dumb. I’ve decided to delete it all and replace it with two  lists.

Five things not to do if you don’t get invited to something

  1. Feel sorry for yourself.
  2. Act like a jackass.
  3. Use the particular function as a dipping stick to assess the rest of your friendships and relationships.
  4. Assume that you should have been invited to begin with.
  5. Assume that everyone else has the same approach to things that you do.

What you should do instead

  1. If they’re your friend you should be happy for them even if you’re not going to be at their event, if they’re not then why do you care?
  2. Send a card.
  3. Invite them to your next thing.
  4. Invest more time and effort into the relationships you value.
  5. Don’t act like a jackass.

Holidays and weddings

Were still on holidays, but Ive got a blogging itch, which Im scratching using my iPhone while I sit in a church waiting for a wedding to start.

Were early because Robyn is an usher.

Ill return to normal posting over the weekend.

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